Rules & Eligibility

Everything you should know about ProgNova programming contest


There are two divisions for the contest:

• ICPC Division: Open to ICPC-eligible students in 2016 from Greater New York Area universities.

• Open Division: Open to all students and alumni from North American universities.


The ProgNova contest rules are based on the standard ICPC rules, with the following adjustments:

• Participation is individual.

• Contest duration is 3 hours.

• Access to local and online materials is allowed during the contest. However, contestants must not communicate or discuss the contest problems with any people during the contest. Sharing materials regarding contest problems is strictly prohibited.


• Contestants may use any single machine to compete.

• Solutions are submitted online to the Kattis judging platform. Supported languages are C/C++/Java/Python2/Python3. Please see here for the judging details on the supported languages.